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The SCIP program (School Counseling and Intervention Program) is a school-based counseling service which provides a mental health counselor to each school in the SRVUSD. In partnership with the School District, time-limited counseling is offered on school sites by pre-licensed counselors. Our SCIP counselors are Interns/Associates gaining the clinical experience needed to become licensed therapists, either a Marriage and Family Therapist; Clinical Social Worker; or Psychologist. Supervision and training are provided through Discovery Counseling Center. 
Counselors offer individual and group counseling services to general education students with social-emotional-behavioral issues impacting their school functioning, and work in a collateral capacity with teachers, when appropriate. Individual counseling gives children an opportunity to work through personal issues on a one-to-one basis in a safe space, while group session offers a supportive, cooperative environment for self-exploration and social skill development. Students are generally referred by teachers, principal, assistant principal, academic counselor, or school psychologist. Sometimes parents will request the service or students will self-refer.  
Counseling is generally considered "time limited", meaning around 10-12 sessions. Some students may need more extended counseling and it will be determined by the counselor if it is appropriate to continue at school or refer to an outside therapist. Occasionally children are determined to not be appropriate for school-based services and referrals will be made.
If you are interested in having your child see the SCIP counselor, please contact your child’s teacher, principal, or assistant principal for a referral form.