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Legislative Advocacy

Mission Statement
Our goal is to influence, within PTA guidelines, federal, state and local policy makers to pass laws and grant funding which will provide for the improvement and betterment of our public schools in both curriculum and facilities. In order to accomplish this goal, we will clarify legislative issues affecting our schools to the parent population and community.
How You Can Help
▪ Recognize the importance of these issues
▪ Stay informed
▪ Work to inform your friends and neighbors
▪ Volunteer to become legislative committee members through your school PTA board
▪ Participate and assist in letter writing campaigns to legislators on key issues
▪ Write to local media on issues affecting our schools.
For more information contact: Nadia Ann, VP of Legislative Advocacy, or visit SRVCPTA Legislative for latest information.
Legislative Advocacy - by Nadia Ann
PTA helps you gain the skills and get the resources you need to advocate to improve the lives of children in your school and in your community. Here are a few resources that can help in your advocacy efforts: