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Sister School Program


2022-2023 HHES PTA Sister School Winter Toy Drive
Thank you so much HHES for coming together in supporting our Sister School Cambridge Elementary.  Thank you so much for your generosity and for a successful winter toy drive.  Thank you so much too to our outgoing sister school ambassador Karen and to our two new sister school co-ambassadors Andrea and Kim.  Our next donation drive will be a Clothing Drive, early Spring 2023
What is the Sister School Program?
The Sister School Program is a San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs’ coordinated program that pairs schools in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD) with nearby schools in order to enhance the educational opportunities for all children. Currently our school is matched with Cambridge Elementary School, in Concord. The program was started in 1994 by a parent at Greenbrook and a teacher in Richmond, to meet some of West County’s desperate needs where a majority of the families had incomes under the federal poverty level. Over fifteen years later, the Sister School Program is still thriving. Our school typically helps its partner school by holding school supply, book, clothing and food drives, and asks for donations of other necessities that the children at our partner school have no or very little access to.
How has the Sister School Program made a difference?
It has helped to teach children to read, it has fed and clothed whole families and communities, and it has introduced many
of our own children to severe poverty. Through the generosity of our Hidden Hills families, we have delivered abundant gifts to the children at our partner school, Cambridge Elementary School. Because of your donations, these kids were given books, halloween costumes, school supplies, warm coats and snacks that they may not have received otherwise. A huge thank you to all the families that participated in our drives for the last few years!