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Family Picnic

Are you ready Hawks?  We are so excited!  Join us for our 1st family picnic on campus next Friday September 22, 2023, during your child’s lunch period in celebration of Hidden Hills *California Distinguished Award!  This family picnic is a wonderful opportunity for families/students/staff to come and have a nice meal together during this special time.  Hidden Hills is committed to building a deeply connected, inclusive and engaging Hawks community.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your child’s lunch period (see flyer) and line up by teacher outside the front gates.  You may be able to grab a table at the MPR but there is limited seating.  There is plenty of outdoor space to spread outside MPR by the amphitheater, courtyard, and grassy area as picnic grounds.  Feel free to pack a blanket to sit on.  Families bring their own lunch.  Plan some picnic lunch to share with your child which can be from their favorite eatery/home cooked meal or students can get a school lunch.

A celebration is not complete without a sweet treat!  PTA is planning to set-up Cookie Stations and are looking for parent volunteers to help serve cookies.  If you can lend a hand, please sign-up (  If you would like to share, we do appreciate cookie donations.  Please send/drop off cookies at the HHES office by Wednesday 09/20.
Because students will need to follow their regular schedules, families are kindly asked to depart once lunch is over.
By the way, something you may be interested in is a commemorative Hidden Hills California Distinguished Award Magnet.  Check them out at the Hawks Store (Hidden Hills Elementary School: Hidden Hills California Distinguished School Magnet (
If you have any questions, email
Thank you so much for your support in making this event a success!  Hope to see you there!

*California Distinguished Schools Award celebrates exceptional schools, districts, teachers, and classified employees for their innovation, talent, and success in supporting students.