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Reading, Writing and Language Arts:  Students learn to read through Reader's Workshop and guided reading.  We also learn phonics systematically, guided by the Wilson program.  We write everyday, through Writer's Workshop and journals.  Spelling lists will be sent home for daily practice.
Math:  Our Math program involves many “hands-on” activities to help students gain insight into the patterns of mathematics through the use of concrete materials.  We  have Math Center time to help students understand and reinforce what we are learning through the Eureka program.  Our work with the daily calendar investigates time, number, order, patterns, place value and graphing. 
Science:  Students receive science lab instruction with a specialist once a week.  We coordinate our classroom lessons with the lab curriculum plan.  Students learn about the different forms of matter; the structures and needs of living things; and climate and weather.
Social Studies:  We are learning basic map skills in Social Studies.  We also focus on the school and community using the Scott Foresman program. 
Oral Sharing:  Students work on developing oral language skills by making  "low-key" oral presentations to the class throughout the year.  For example, in November they will be sharing what they are thankful for.
Music:  Students have formal music classes with a music specialist once a week.  We also incorporate music with our other curriculum areas throughout the day.
Literature and Art:  We work on an art project once a week.  We base our art project on literature that we read in the classroom.  We relate the stories to our own lives, practice our writing skills, and learn many different art techniques.  In the Spring, we will be learning about master artists and will continue integrating art with reading and writing.
P.E.:  Students have P.E. classes twice a week. For your child’s safety, shorts/pants and tennis shoes are required.  Also, you may want to send water in a plastic, spill-proof container (bottled water is fine) during hot weather. 
Library:  We will visit the library and check out books once a week.  Books are due back the day before our scheduled library time.