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Safety Guidelines for Drop Off and Pick Up
Posted 7/25/19

1. When you pull into our Traffic Circles, always obey the 5mph rule.


2. Avoid distractions. Do not be on your cell phone, even with hands-free, in the carpool area.


3. There is NO parent/ visitor parking in our staff parking lot. If you must park your vehicle, please park along the street in designated areas only. Do not park in our loading zones (along the white curbs). Do not park in red zones or in spaces designated for those with handicap placards. There is no parking on Albion or in the Growing Room Parking Lot.


4. When in our Traffic Circle, pull forward as far as possible and wait until the teacher/volunteer clears you to drop off/ pick up your child. You should be close to the front gates (not by the hillside by the playground entrance).


5. There is only ONE entrance to the lot. Please do not enter through the exit. Do not exit through the entrance. Do carpool whenever possible; this helps to alleviate congestion.


6. Be sure that your children exit your vehicle on the passenger side, nearest to the curb. This ensures that children are not walking between/ behind cars.


7. The teacher/volunteer stationed in the Pick-Up/ Drop-Off area will help your child exit/ enter your vehicle. Parents should not get out of the car to assist (please do not pack items in the trunk; this significantly slows down the process).


8. Do not motion for your child to run through traffic/ cross the street to your parked car. Always hold onto your child’s hand when walking across the crosswalks.


9. Adhere to all posted signs including the No Left Turn on Harcourt.


10. During afternoon carpool, have your child’s name and grade level clearly visible for our volunteers.


11. Walkers must meet their parents in the designated areas. Do not attempt to claim your Walker from the carpool area; meet them on the hill by the playground.


12. Do not walk through the parking lot to get to the street or curb. Use the sidewalk along the school and the crosswalks provided. Always be vigilant, even in the crosswalks! Make sure drivers are completely stopped and that they see you before you begin to cross.


13. Only students in Kindergarten should be dropped off in the Growing Room Parking Lot. If the Kinder student has an older sibling, you may drop off your older child at the same time. All other students must use the carpool area on Harcourt. There is no parking in the Growing Room lot. Kindergarten students can be dropped off at either carpool location (Harcourt or Growing Room).


14. When traveling along Harcourt, and turning right into our lot, you must be in the most right-hand lane. Do not situate yourself in the left lane, and then cut into the right lane, in an attempt to avoid having to wait in line.


15. Please be respectful of the teachers/ volunteers who serve as yard duty supervisors in the lot. Accidents happen. It is our collective responsibility to ensure everyone’s safety, including your child’s. No compromise is worth the potential risks involved.